This installation is for a HO-Scale Walthers Proto 2000 E7B using a TCS WOWDiesel-KA Decoder and was performed by TCS.

Note: This unit happened to be factory sound equipped. The basis of this install would apply to the DC version as well.

HO-Scale Walthers Proto 2000 E7B prior to WOWDiesel-KA decoder installation.

HO-Scale Walthers Proto 2000 E7B prior to WOWDiesel-KA decoder installation.

In order to install the decoder we must first remove the shell.

Start by removing the couplers and their housings on both ends of the locomotive. Once removed, carefully pull the shell off of the locomotives chassis to reveal the factory sound setup.

With the shell off, we can now see the factory sound setup.

To get the install started, first unplug all the JST connections from the factory sound board. Next, remove the four screws that secure the board to the locomotives chassis.

Next, remove the eight screws that secure the plastic tray to the locomotives chassis. Clip off the JST connectors at this time as well.

With the tray removed, you can now remove the speakers. Make sure to leave the gaskets, as these will be reused later.

In our install, we used two of our 28mm WOWSpeakers (Item # 1555) and installed them differntly for clear and vibrant sound.

With the speakers and plastic tray removed, we can now start working on installing WOWSound.

Keeping the gaskets in place, we set the speaker in place and carefully glued and sealed it. Hot glue worked great for this as it has a quick setup time and provides a good seal.

Make sure that when gluing and sealing the speaker in place, that you do not cover up any of the felt on the rearside of the speaker.

Underneath this felt are ports which allow back audio produced to exit the speaker. Covering of these ports will greatly decrease the volume and clarity of this speaker.

Repeat this procedure for the second speaker.

With the speakers mounted, we can now re-mount the plastic tray we removed earlier and along with its eight screws.

Next, wire the speakers in series and used a 2-Pin Micro Connector with purple wires (Item # 1522) for the connection.

Once complete,finish the motor lead and pick up lead solder connections. Make sure to insulate these solder connections with some 3/64" heat shrink tubing (Item # 1320).

NOTE: Since this unit is a B Unit and has no lighting, all function wire leads were cut short to keep the install neat.

Next, we used some doublesided tape to mount the WOWDiesel Decoder and KA2 to the chassis.

Then we used some 1/2" Kapton Tape (Item # 1304) to secure the wires to the chassis and keep them from any pinch points and from causing any unwanted noise.

With all three components mounted, we can now close up the locomotive and reinstall the couplers and their housings.

You have now installed a TCS WOWDiesel-KA decoder into your HO-Scale Walthers Proto 2000 E7B.

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