Roco 4154  BR 290
M4 decoder Installation

Photos and text by  Ric Bogart of Osborne Park  W A,  Australia

 Although this is a fairly large diesel there is very little room inside this model  .I had intended to install a T1 decoder but it was about 2mm to long. A TCS M4 was used instead. A M1 decoder could be used as well.
1. First, remove the cover off the loco (as per the operating instructions for the service of the unit) Lift the locomotive casing and remove.
2.At this point the original wiring and components can be unsoldered .Removing the diodes isolates the lights from one side of the track power pickup. Removing the RF chokes isolates the motor. 
3.Following the decoders instructions the red wire -----to the right side rail pickup     orange wire -----to the motor circuit where the choke was     black wire ---- to the left side rail pickup     grey wire ------to the motor  circuit where the choke was   ----- yellow to the rear headlight  -------white to front headlight (the lights were connected in half wave mode powered from the track).
4. Decoder is held in place with a small amount double sided  tape.   5. Re-assemble



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