Arnold Rivarossi E8 M1 Decoder Installation

Text and pictures submitted by Mike Harris of Hicksville, Ohio

Start by removing the shell and looking over the frame and wire set up.

using a low wattage solder iron unsolder the light and motor wires.

The unused output shaft needs to be cut off so the decoder will fit in the shell.

Check to make sure the motor is isolated from the chassis

Solder the blue and white wires to the headlight connectors.

Solder the black wire from the decoder to the 2 pickup wires and the red to the other 2 wires (this engine is all wheel pick up) 

Using heat shrink tubing is easier than tape here.

Solder the orange and grey wire to the motor.


The decoder is then taped using double face tape into the frame section and the cover reinstalled and you are ready to test your newly decoded engine



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