TCS MC2 Decoder Installation for HO-Scale PIKO BR89 form PIKO set. It was performed by Krzysztof Brocki – Poland

Important Soldering Tip:
Please do not use any flux either liquid or paste on the mother board. It will damage it. Use only Rosin core solder approved for electronics use.
We recommend to use only Kester "44" rosin core, SN63PB37, .015" diameter, part number 24-6337-0007.
This can be ordered from Techni-Tool under Techni-Tool part number 488SO157

The BR89 or BR80 H0 scale. I don’t know exactly because it is a toy from PIKO starter set.  It was my first locomotive. This locomotive is  twenty years, is still produced, and very popular In Poland. Last time I decided converted it to DCC.


There is enough space for the MC2 TCS decoder.

The eight pin NAMRA socket was made from goldpin. The three pin socket will be used to light connection.


The coils from both sides were removed. The socket was glued to pace of CD cover.  The wires were solder as sown on the photo BR89 gray and orange to the motor, red and black to the wheel.

Decoder was placed in front locomotive.


Four yellow and one red LEDs were used to build the lighting. There are two yellow LEDs place on the front locomotive and one red place on the back which are serial connected with 470 Ohm resistor as a front light, and two yellow LEDs place on the back which are serial connected with 1 kOhm resistor as a rear light.

It’s finish, The two LEDs were visible on the front of locomotive

Other solder tips: When stripping wire, only strip a tiny little bit of the insulation. Strip no more then a 1/64 of an inch. When the wire gets tinned with solder the insulation will shrink back more. Try to not expose any more wire then half the length of the solder pad at most. In no case should solder or exposed wire wire ever be outside the boundary of the the solder pad you are attaching a wire to.
Click here for important information on properly Stripping and Tinning wire

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