Model Power EMD SW1
M1 decoder installation

Pictures and text by Robert Lewis of Tilehust, Reading, United Kingdom
 The model is made in Europe (Yugoslavia) by either Model Power or Mehano Technica. I have re-painted this locomotive is CP livery, it maybe prototypically in-correct, but it matches my other CP locomotives.

Picture  EMD-1   To  remove the body shell a small screw driver is required to pry away the cab sides, you can then lift the body clear, the body is located at he front end by a peg which protrudes from the bottom of the front  into the chassis.

Picture EMD-2  The original wiring in this locomotive is not particularly neat so it is best to remove all the existing wiring except the red and blue wires from leading bogie. To remove the motor it is necessary to bend the plastic retaining lugs rearwards, the motor will then lift out, this will enable access to the lower motor terminal.

Picture EMD-3  The M1 decoder will sit neatly between the guide rails between the  motor and the driven bogie, double sided tape will hold it in place.  All wires will have to be trimmed to length as you proceed through the installation.
Solder the orange wire to the lower motor terminal, and the grey to the upper terminal. Refit the motor. Join the red decoder wire to the red pick up wire and the black to the blue wire, both joints will require insulating sleeving. Solder the blue decoder wire to the base of the headlight bulb, I have added an additional headlight at the cab end using a spare length of blue wire also soldered to the base of the bulb, and run this back towards the cab. Solder the white decoder wire to the top terminal of the front head light bulb.  Join the yellow decoder wire to the cab headlight if fitted, or trim it back and insulate the bare end. Test the installation.  If all is ok, ensure the wires are clear of drive shaft and refit the  body.

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