Lima class 47
T4 decoder Installation

Pictures and text by Robert Lewis of Tilehust, Reading, United Kingdom


Picture L47-1  This is a Lima class 47 diesel locomotive, installation took about 30 minutes from start to finish. It is fitted with a TCS-4x, which will give me plenty of scope to fit lights in the future.
To remove the body first remove the 4 buffers, then pry apart the body in six places as arrowed to clear the retaining lugs, the shell should then lift clear.

Picture L47-2   Remove all the existing wiring and the capacitor across the motor terminals.  Use one of the long lengths of the removed wire and solder to the brass pick-up strip on the motor bogie, take this wire to the other end of the chassis and join (splice) to the red decoder wire.
Picture L47-3  Solder the red decoder wire to the un-powered bogie pick up, ensuring to take the wire through the hole in the chassis. Solder the black decoder wire to the brass clip retaining the un-powered bogie. Solder the orange and grey decoder wires to the motor brush contacts. Sleeve all the unused wires. I have bundled all the wires using short lengths of rubber sleeving. Use insulating tape to secure the wiring to the ballast weight.
Test the installation and then re-fit the body shell.

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