LifeLike P2K E8/9


The original light board in the first run of these locomotives was not DCC compatible. We recommended removing the light board and hardwiring in a T4X decoder. The newer version of this loco is DCC ready and we recommend a DP2X decoder

for its easy plug n play installation. You could also use a T1 decoder and follow the instruction regarding the LifeLike E7 loco

found on this website.

Photo below shows DP2X  decoder (formerly TH150DP) plugged in the NMRA socket at the rear of the locomotive.

This is a true plug n play installation. The decoder fits with room to spare. Right out of the box, the Mars light works off of function button one. The Headlight works off of the normal headlight function. To map the Mars light to come on with the headlight, set CV35=1, CV51=0.


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