Proto 1000 FM Erie Built

Photos and text by Scott Russell (CR and S Trains) of Sandy Hook, CT


1. Spread the shell at the tanks and slip it off the chassis by tilting it forward to clear the front coupler

2. Cut the circuit board traces in 3 places, as shown

3. Solder the TCS T1 decoder wires in the holes as follows: P1 (Orange), P8 (Red), P7 (Blue), P6 (White), P5 (Gray), P4 (Black). Green, Yellow and Violet are not used (I tape them out of the way with Kapton tape).

4. The headlight will be dim because Proto used a 2v bulb with the diode dropping circuit. It will look much better if it is replaced with a 1.5v bulb (low current type). Do not short across the resistor to make it brighter as you will burn out the decoder output. You can also wire a 12v bulb directly to the blue and white wires instead of soldering them to the board.

5. Replace the shell

Note; If you ever need to know what colors go to what pins on this type installation, the colored diagram on the back cover of the DP5X manual is a handy reference.


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