TCS DP2X Decoder Installation for HO-Scale Intermountain F Unit locomotive . It was performed by Paul Brown of Indianapolis, In

Important Soldering Tip:
Please do not use any flux either liquid or paste on the mother board. It will damage it. Use only Rosin core solder approved for electronics use.
We recommend to use only Kester "44" rosin core, SN63PB37, .015" diameter, part number 24-6337-0007.
This can be ordered from Techni-Tool under Techni-Tool part number 488SO157



Click on photos below for larger image.

Photo on left shows before DP2X decoder is installed. Photo on right shows DP2X decoder installed.

A true plug n play installation! Please read technical note below.





Technical note: This loco uses 4 light bulbs in parallel in the front. They are connected to function zero (headlight) of the decoder. Older DP2X (formerly TH150DP) decoders could not handle the power needed for lighting all four bulbs at once. However all DP2X decoders shipping since the fall of 2004 have the power ability to power all four bulbs. If you try a DP2X decoder in this unit and the lights do not work please return the decoder to TCS for repair/upgrade. This service is covered under warranty. Should you need to return a DP2X decoder, please use a small box to avoid damage to the decoder.

Other solder tips: When stripping wire, only strip a tiny little bit of the insulation. Strip no more then a 1/64 of an inch. When the wire gets tinned with solder the insulation will shrink back more. Try to not expose any more wire then half the length of the solder pad at most. In no case should solder or exposed wire wire ever be outside the boundary of the the solder pad you are attaching a wire to.
Click here for important information on properly Stripping and Tinning wire

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