Hornby GWR Prairie tank 61XX Class 2-6-2
T1 decoder installation

Pictures and text by Robert Lewis of Tilehust, Reading, United Kingdom
Picture 1   Hornby GWR Prairie tank 61XX Class 2-6-2

Picture 2  To remove the body, undo the slotted screw (1) to remove pony wheels, then remove the crosshead screw (2) to release the body from the chassis, the rear to the chassis attaches via slots in the rear bunker.  Lift the front end of the body up first then gently slide the body back a few  millimeter's before lifting off completely.

Picture 3&4  De solder the 2 black wires  connected to the capacitor. De solder or cut capacitor from motor terminals, ( I have left it attached to one contact in case I want to revert back to normal DC in the future),
The unused wires I have cut quite short (25mm / 1")  and insulated, the red, black, grey and orange I trimmed to about 100mm / 4" long.  Connect the red decoder wire to the black wire which emerges from the chassis through the drive worm cut-out, make sure to insulate the joint. Connect the black wire to the black wire which is connected to the screw tag, again insulate the joint.
Connect the orange wire to the right hand motor terminal and the grey to the left.
Test the installation at this stage.
I have routed all four wires to the right hand side and stuck with hot melt glue to the chassis. I also stuck the decoder to the inside of the body using hot melt glue, due to the irregular shape of the body double sided tape would not hold. If the decoder is pushed over to the left there is just enough room to tuck the unused wires between the body and the decoder connector. The wires to the motor can just be seen through the cab side opening, some matt black paint could be used to hide these. Refit the body, trying to form the wires to lay on the cab floor. refit the cross head screw (do not over tighten) and then the pony truck with the slotted screw.