Hornby class 06 Shunter Locomotive
M1 decoder installation

Pictures and text by Robert Lewis of Tilehust, Reading, United Kingdom

Picture Class06-01   This is a Hornby class 06 shunting (switcher) locomotive. It is of the type of locomotive often found in "starter" train sets.

Picture Class06-02   To remove the cab, the four lugs have to be gently pushed inwards using a small screwdriver, and the cab pulled off. Once the cab is off the bonnet section will also come away, it is held in position by 2 locating pegs at the front.

Picture Class06-03   The can motor is held in place by the spring clip, using fine pliers it can be un-hooked from the retaining lugs. With the motor removed the capacitor should be un-soldered from the brush terminals. The ballast weight may be held in place by a small cross head screw underneath the chassis block, remove the ballast weight by prying the chassis apart between the front pair of wheels.

Picture Class06-04   The TCS-M1 decoder leads were trimmed to 100mm (4") in length, the unused wires should be insulated. I have bundled the wires together using insulation sleeving to keep the installation neat. Solder the red wire to the right hand side brass pick up, and the black to the left hand pick up. These joints and the exposed brass must be sleeved to avoid contact with the metal motor can.

Picture Class06-05  Replace the motor, making sure that the brush terminals are now facing upwards, re-fit the retaining clip ensuring the centre is resting against the  plastic end cap of the motor, and not the drive shaft. Solder the orange and grey wires to the motor terminals. The decoder can be stuck to the inside of the body using double sided tape. Test the installation before finally re-fitting the body.