Hornby (Triang) 0-4-0 Tank Locomotive
M1 decoder installation

Pictures and text by Robert Lewis of Tilehust, Reading, United Kingdom

Picture 040T-1  This is a Hornby (Triang-Hornby) 0-4-0 Tank locomotive of a fictitious design, often found in "starter" sets. The first versions were introduced in 1960,  and during its long production run was available in many different colors.

Picture 040T-2   To remove the body undo the screw at the rear of the cab. Lift the body clear, it is retained in position at the front by 2 chassis lugs which pass through the plastic body just underneath the front of the smokebox.

Picture 040T-3  The chassis is of the live design. current being collected by sprung contacts on both wheels on one side,  the other feed being collected through the live axle passing through the metal chassis.  De-solder the red wire from the motor brush terminal (1), and the joint with the brown wire & capacitor (3).                                                                                             Also de-solder and remove the capacitor from the solder tag  (2).

Picture 040T-4   Solder the red decoder wire to the solder tag,  and the black wire to the brown wire from the wheel pick up,  insulate this joint. Solder the orange wire to the right hand side brush terminal and the grey to the left. A length of insulation sleeving is required on the right  (and left) hand arm of the brush retaining spring.  I have insulated the unused wires and bundled them together with short strips of insulating sleeving.  The decoder is stuck inside the smoke box using double sided tape. Test the installation before re-fitting the body and the retaining screw.