Fleischmann 4171 BR 03 Steam Loco
T1 decoder installation

Photos and text by Ric Bogart of Osborne park, WA, Australia

Disassemble the loco( as per the operating instructions for the service of the unit) Lift the locomotive casing and remove. I disassembled the loco to feed a new wire for the front headlight (running the existing lamps on half wave power) then reassembled and went to work on the tender.
There is also a link that needs to be cut, RF choke to be removed and rear light wires to be removed ( see picture) to isolate the motor from the pickup wires and wires to be moved to different points.
Following the decoders instructions the red wire -----to the right side rail pickup (Fleischmann's brown)
                                                         orange wire -----to the motor replacing the  original brown wire
                                                           black wire ---- to the left side rail pickup
                                                           grey wire ------to the motor replacing the black wire
                                                            white to the forward headlight
                                                                    ----- yellow to the rear headlight