Fleischman no. 4375 BR 103
T1 decoder Installation

Photos and text by  Ric Bogart of Osborne Park  W A,  Australia

 This particular model as it has lots of room for the decoder and cable.


Firstly disassemble the loco (as per the operating instructions for the service of the unit) Lift the locomotive casing and remove.

The pantographs have to be isolated from any circuits there is a switch that selects between pantograph and track pickup
a small strip of insulating tape will do the job, the switch is then replaced with a link wire
 Lights must then be isolated on one side (running the existing lamps on half wave power)


Following the decoders instructions the      red wire -----to the right side rail pickup   orange wire -----to the motor replacing the  original brown wire   black wire ---- to the left side rail pickup    grey wire ------to the motor replacing the black wire      ------ white to the forward headlight     ----- yellow to the rear headlight