Fleischman no. 4228 BR 211
T1 decoder Installation

Photos and text by  Ric Bogart of Osborne Park  W A,  Australia

First,  remove the screw from  the bottom of the loco (as per the operating instructions for the service of the unit) Lift the locomotive casing and remove. This loco has been built for digital conversion but you need a NEM 651 socket decoder (hard to come by and a little expensive) I chose to hard wire a T1 decoder.

Once the 651 plug is removed the motor is isolated from the track pickups and the lights are isolated from one side to allow half wave powering. Following the decoders instructions the red wire -----to the right side rail pickup (Fleischmann's blue)                     orange wire -----to the motor       black wire ---- to the left side rail pickup    grey wire ------to the motor    white to the forward headlight     ----- yellow to the rear headlight.  Reassemble and you are ready to roll.