The installation is for HO-Scale Con-Cor Pre War powered Combine Car. It uses TCS DP5 or KAM4P-LH decoder by TCS.

 Train Control Systems KAM4P-LH decoder is the best choice for this plug n play installation. A DP5 decoder would also work, but would not offer the Keep Alive™ feature.
The train looks good and runs very well. The lighting for the interior lights, head lights and rear lights all work nicely.  This train comes with a DCC socket.
The KAM4P-LH and DP5 are plug n play for it.

To begin, remove the the top plate of the shell by gently spreading the ends and lifting it off the body.

Shown with the ceiling removed and the original lighting board exposed. With a thin, flat non conductive tool, carefully pry
the each end of the lighting board up and lift it off of the 4 track connection pins posts it rests on.

Here you can see the original 8 pin dummy plug on top of the board as indicated in red above. Unclip this plug.    

With the plug removed.


To utilize the unit with the DP5 decoder, simply plug it in to the receiving connectior.
Insert the lighting board back into the shell and attach the top plate in reverse order from the above disassembly .
You are ready for DCC control.
*Note* Be sure the DP5 is in the proper orientation for all the lights to function properly.

As another option, you may choose to have the additional feature of Keep Alive™ within this installation.
To add this, instead insert the KAM4P into the reciever connector.

With this option, to minimize the appearance of the KAM4P-LH inside the cab, tuck the Keep Alive™ into the rear area inside of the cab and using Kapton tape,
secure the wires to the underside of the board. Reattach the lighting board and cab ceiling and your unit is ready for DCC operation with Keep Alive™.
*Note* Take care to avoid covering the downward facing LEDs with the wires and tape.

*Note* In both options, when reinserting the lighting board, take care to precisely align it with the track pickup pin posts before pressing it down.