Con Cor Burlington Zephyr
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 Train Control Systems DP5X decoder is the best choice for this plug n play installation! A T1 or MC2 decoder with short harness would also work.  The train looks good and runs very well. The lighting for the interior lights, head lights, rear light, and rear red marker lights all work nicely.  This train comes with a DCC socket. The DP2X is plug n play for it. There is room to plug the decoder in only one way, which is the way it needs to be to operate the headlights properly. Important note: There is a capacitor across the motor circuit that needs to be removed. If left on, the train will run to fast in DCC operation. See photos next page for more information on removing the capacitor.    Next page

To remove the body gently spread the shell starting at the rear and work your way forward. There are four hooks on each side that must be disengaged and the shell will lift straight up. The plug at the rear of the loco is for control of the rear headlight.

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