Atlas RS1:
A4X Decoder Installation

Please note: while this locomotive is manufactured by Atlas the frame is made by Kato.

First remove the shell by squeezing on either of the locomotive and rocking the shell back and forth until it lifts from the frame.

Next remove the default lighting board from the frame and attach orange and gray wires to the motor tabs as shown above. Shrink wrap the tabs so that they wont short out the decoder.

The next section depends on whether or not you have a new A4X or an older A4X. The newer A4X's have onboard resistors, and the older A4X's do not. I will refer to these as

Style A: New A4X with onboard resistors
Style B: Old A4X WITHOUT onboard resistors.

Style A: Solder two blue wires to the common pad as shown below, and attach a yellow and white wire to the pads shown in the picture below and displayed in your literature on the diagram for installing LED's. Next solder the motor tabs to the orange and gray as shown below.

Style B: Solder the A4X to the white, yellow and blue wire as shown below, and diagrammed on your literature. Next solder the motor tabs to the orange and gray as shown below.

Next we used the 2 Pin Quick Connectors and the Surface Mount LED's to attach to the lighting tubes. We connected each LED to a separate two pin connector. Next we pointed each LED into the light tube and used electrical tape to hold it in place.

Style A: You do not need to put any resistors in at this point.

Style B: Cut one lead from the quick connector and solder a 680 ohm resistor in series.

Finally attach the other side to the quick connector to the lighting wires from the decoder. Make sure you are properly aware of the polarity so the LED will work.