Athearn SD 45T-2 

T1 Decoder installation

Athearn SD 45T-2 T1 Decoder Installation

This installation requires a two function decoder.  The Train Control Systems  T1 decoder is the best choice. It  fits "plug n play" with the connector supplied with the locomotive.  The locomotive light bulbs are 1.5 volt but the necessary voltage dropping resistors and diodes are mounted on the locomotive light board.

 To install the T1 decoder:

1. Remove two Phillips head screws on underside of the loco. There is one screw  located on either side of the fuel tank between the tank and the trucks.   2. Remove couplers    3. Lift body straight off.   4. Remove jumper board that is plugged into the 9 pin harness.   5. Plug T1 decoder into the harness.  We formed the harness wires slightly to allow the T1 decoder to seat against the light board as shown in the picture.  6. Test operation.  If all is ok, reinstall body with the screws.  Reinstall the couplers and the installation is complete.

T1 decoder installed using the harness supplied with the locomotive.

Photo shows harness before T1 decoder is installed.