We offer the best warranty in the industry!  All TCS decoders are covered!

The TCS One-Year Goof-Proof No-Questions-Asked Warranty
  • We will repair/replace the decoder even if you accidentally damage it.
  • All TCS decoders are covered.
  • Defective decoders can be sent directly to TCS.
  • Decoders will be repaired or replaced at TCS' discretion.

Create a login and register your warranty before you mail  Please take the time to register if at all possible. Registering helps us in many ways. When you register online the information is downloaded right into our shipping folder thereby eliminating  several steps to enter the information by hand. This speeds the process and reduces errors. This will help both TCS and the customer in getting the most efficient handling of the decoder. The information helps us determine if the problem relates to a manufacturing issue or possibly an installation issue thereby alerting us to manufacturing issues or helping us assist you  in avoiding ongoing problems.  

Warranty Registration: What You Need to Know

The New TCS Registration procedure uses the same login information that you will use to purchase on our website. Simply log in at the TCS store and select the warranty to register your decoder for repair/replacement.  We believe that this new format for warranties will help us quickly get your decoder repaired and returned.

By registering your decoder:

  • You receive a number which you can use with us to track your status.

  • You ensure that we are as informed as possible to the situation surrounding your decoder failure, which increases our ability to select the best route for your warranty.

  • You will be able to review previous warranties and track any patterns that might emerge.