You do not need to register your decoder unless your decoder needs warranty repair. All warranties must be registered here prior to mailing.

All decoders are covered by a one year, goof proof, no questions asked warranty. Decoders outside of the warranty which cannot be repaired can be upgraded for a nominal replacement fee.

We will repair/replace the decoder even if you accidentally damage it.

If you are registering a WOWSound decoder it is eligible for upgrade. To upgrade your WOWSound decoder click the button below to proceed to the next page, select your WOWSound decoder from the drop down decoder list, and follow the instructions on that page.

Decoders should be sent directly to TCS and will be repaired or replaced at TCS' discretion.

On the final page of the warranty process you will be presented with a page to print. This must be included with your warranty when you ship it.

Please allow us 1-3 weeks to fix your warranty.

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