NEW TCS Decoders:
KAM4! & N-Scale K0D8-E

Releasing the new KAM-Series Decoder!!!
Smaller than the KAT-Series, same great Onboard Keep-Alive™

New, compact KAM4 decoder pictured on left with KAT12 decoder pictured on right for size comparison

New, K0D8-E Decoder for the Kato N-Scale E5 picture above installed in the E5.

The KAM4 decoder is our newest and most compact Keep-Alive™ decoder yet. We removed the JST type connector and soldered the wires directly to the decoder to keep it as small as possible. The KAM4 is availible with onboard resistors for LED's as the KAM4-LED for installations where only LED's will be used.

KAM4 Hardwire KAM4
KAM4-LED Hardwire KAM4 with onboard resistors
KAM4P-SH KAM4 decoder with SH (1" Harness)
KAM4P-MH KAM4 decoder with MH (3.5" Harness)
KAM4P-LH KAM4 decoder with LH (5" Harness)
The K0D8-E is a quick and easy drop-in replacement decoder for the new Kato E5 locomotive. Featuring 8 lighting functions and industry leading auto-adjusting BEMF this simple installation will transform this beautiful locomotive into the star of your fleet.

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