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Diesel Sound Set 2 Shipping
Now with 8 Prime Movers in 1 Decoder!

In addition to the original four EMD Prime Movers we are now adding: Alco 251, GE FDL16, and 2 versions of the 7FDL16. Also added are the GE "Whooping" compressor, Hancock Air Whistle, and an E-Bell.
Diesel WOW121 and Diesel WOWMotherboards with built-in Keep-Alive™ Now Shipping!

With the use of a motherboard your WOW121 decoder gets the added benefit of a built-in KA2 Keep-Alive™ as well as a simple form factor tailored to your specific locomotive. Simply remove the original lighting board, replace it with the WOWMotherboard (wired exactly the same as the original light board), and plug-in your WOW121-Diesel. You may need to install a speaker, depending on the locomotive, but all of the connections and power are handled cleanly and simply through the WOWMotherboard. Click on any of the items above for more information!

Fits most Athearn Ready-To-Roll Diesel Locomotives
Fits most Athearn Genesis Diesel Locomotives
Fits the Intermountain SD40-2 and Bowser C-636 + many more
Fits the Intermountain ES44 and Bowser S12 + many more
TCS Is coming to the National Train Show in Portland, OR!

TCS will be at the National Train Show in Portland, OR August 28th-29th.
Come by and see us at Booth 817 to hear the new Diesel Sound Set 2, Check out the Korea Brass U25C locomotives and the Division Point RS3 with factory equipped WOWSound, and much more!

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