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Just a friendly reminder of the July, 1st price increase:

With the cost of everything on the rise it has come time for us to raise our prices and end the introductory WOWSound sale. This price increase will go into effect July 1st, 2015 and will be approximately 15% across the entire product line. A few products have slightly different price variations, but as a general rule the increase is 15% and rounded up to the nearest $0.95. The WOWSound introductory sale prices will also be coming to an end. The 1516 and 1530 will be at $109.95 MSRP and the Keep-Aliveā„¢ equipped version (1517 and 1533) retailing for $129.95. As soon as the pricing change goes live the dealer price lists (available on the dealer website) will update to reflect the new pricing so you may want to download one on July 2nd to get your system up to speed.

Again, we're sorry to have to make this price change, but in order to keep innovating and producing a high quality product our prices need to reflect the value of the parts and labor being put into them.

Thanks for you continued support, and feel free to call or email with any questions you may have!

Decoder Tester and DT-AUX
In the past month TCS has released their Decoder Tester and DT-AUX Board as the perfect platform for testing your decoder prior to installation. These two boards allow you to test nearly all sound, motor, and light decoders in one convenient and efficient package. Pick one up for your own use, and enjoy the convenience of a complete programming and testing bed!

Unfortunately, due to the cost of the components and labor involved in producing them we are unable to provide dealer or distributor discounts on these two products.

Decoder Tester
SKU: 1596

SKU: 1595


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