Shipping in June U25C in HO-Scale!
Check out the attached price list and printable flyer.
MSRP DCC Sound: $299.95               MSRP DC Only: $199.95

Road Numbers: 6513, 6516, 6518
Key Features:
-Die-Cast chassis with an injection molded plastic shell
-5-pole, skew wound, can motor with dual brass flywheels
-Worm and helical gear drive train for silent operation
-Road specific handrail details
-RP25 NMRA wheel profile
-Heavy die-cast chassis for excellent tractive effort. Weight: 550g (1.21 lbs)
-Incredibly detailed trucks including brake and speedometer lines

Hand applied brass and plastic detail including:
-Visible interior detailing through etched brass grating.
-Visible, free-spinning fans through top etched brass grating.
-Visible engineer in cab with interior cab lighting.

WOWDiesel Decoder (DCC Sound Version Only):
-Authentic GE FDL16 prime mover sounds
-Calibrated auto-notching for prototypical operation
-First ever operational Dynamic Brakes
-Audio Assist™ (eliminates CV programming)
-Factory Installed KA2 Keep-Alive™ for uninterrupted running.
-Factory Installed 35mm x 16mm WOWSpeaker for unsurpassed audio fidelity.

Road Numbers: 6519, 6510

Road Numbers: 2516, 2517, 2518

Road Numbers: 553, 560

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