Sick of getting ugly sweaters and socks?
Create a wishlist on the TCS shopping cart so your loved ones know exactly what to get you this holiday season!

Get Started Now!

On the left bar of you can select the Wishlist slide-out menu to begin.

Find a Wishlist will let you search for a friend's Wishlist and pick up what they need.

Make a Wishlist will prompt you to login and begin creating your wishlist.

Adding items is as simple as just clicking "Add to My Wishlist" on the shopping cart product page.

Once you have created your wishlist you can review, edit, and share it by clicking on the "My Wishlist" tab in the shopping cart.

On the "My Wishlist" page you will find a list of the items you have selected as well as a "Tell a Friend" button that will allow you to email your wishlist to your friends and family.

Also on the "My Wishlist" is the "Print Wishlist" button which makes it easy for anyone to print your wishlist and take it to your local hobby shop.

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