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WOW101-Steam $124.95 $94.95
WOW101-Steam-KA $139.95 $109.95

Trainmasters.TV and TCS Talk Keep-Alive™

Head over to Trainmasters.TV and check out the May, 2014 episode to see an in depth discussion of our Keep-Alive™ technology with the engineers behind it! Check back to Trainmasters.TV often for more great videos and a few more chats with TCS.

Kato N-Scale Releases

With Kato producing new releases of the E8/9 A, E8/9 B, F3/F7 A, and F3/7 B everyone is asking: "what decoder fits?". Fortunately for you, we have a decoder and installation picture for each. Visit the links above to check out detailed installations guides for these engines and get ready for your new fleet!

Moose Caboose (MD) Clinic

Come on out to the Moose Caboose hobbyshop in Sykesville, MD for a live WOWSound clinic and presentation on May 30th, 2014 at 6:30pm (Call before May 28th to reserve a seat). Get a chance to talk to the lead engineer behind WOWSound and get an in depth understanding of what makes WOWSound great. If you haven't heard one for yourself (or you just can't get enough) stop by and get WOWed!

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