WOWSound® Configuration Update
Release Specifications Clarified

Specification Updates

NOTE: If you have already pre-ordered your sound decoder a TCS sales representative will be in touch with you to confirm which of the finalized configurations you would like.

All Sounds in One: Light, Medium, and Heavy steam sounds will all be found on the same decoder and are user selectable.
Optional Cam Wire: While our intelligent, Dynamic Chuff system does not require a cam for perfect syncing this option will be available for those who prefer using a cam.
Optional Onboard Resistors for LED's: The WOW-Steam Decoder will be available with optional onboard current limiting resistors for use with LED's.
Optional Connectors: The WOW-Steam Decoders will be available with a 3.5" harness terminated with an 8-Pin NMRA plug or with a 1" harness terminated with the 9-Pin JST socket.
Pre-Order Pricing: During the pre-order period we are offering all of the WOW-Steam decoders at a reduced rate. Get yours on order before it's too late!
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