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Here are just a few of the problems we had on these boards

Above you can see a large blister in the solder mask on the left, a small blister and uneven masking on the via near the top and copper "whiskers" on the lower right.

In the image above you can see very egregious regions of copper seeping. These sections will inherently lead to solder bridges.

Again, more whiskers and copper bleeding

Here the copper bleed through is so bad there is almost no way to avoid solder bridges.

The image below on the left is a board we had made at a different shop. As you can see the edges are all very tight. There is no bleed through on the copper and the solder mask is even, free of blisters, and properly aligned. The image below on the right is from the most recent batch of boards you ran off for us. As you can see the pads highlighted below have significant amounts of copper bleed through and will lead to numerous solder bridges during production


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