BEMF/Load Compensation


It runs super!!!   In fact, it crawls so slowly that I had some visitors looking at my layout and they said 'Is it moving?', and when I told them to look carefully, they said how long will it take to get around the layout, and I said '2 Weeks!!'  (My layout is 10 x 20)"

'I now have a T1 with BEMF installed in an Athearn RTR P40 and I have to say that it performs extremely well. Super low speed and realistic accel/decel plus a good selection of adjustments. Nice soft BEMF generally feels like a more expensive decoder.'


Back Electro Motive Force (BEMF) is a method used to precisely control the speed of a locomotive. There are several nice features that BEMF provides when running model trains. The following are just a few:

1. The largest advantage is operation at slow speeds. When starting and stopping trains even with heavy loads you will have consistently precise control to let you smoothly and proto typically start and stop your trains!

2. BEMF will help a locomotive maintain a steady speed despite imperfections in track work .

For example when going thru crossovers, thru switches or uneven track joints BEMF will power the loco thru all such track at an even speed ensuring the loco has a smooth proto typical operation.

3. When doing switching operations the locomotive will always precisely follow the set speed step making it a real joy to do coupling and uncoupling operations. Switching operations are now much more proto typical and precisely controlled.

4. BEMF improves the slow speed performance of any locomotive. BEMF makes a great locomotive amazing and an average locomotive becomes better than ever. BEMF now makes it more realistic then ever to slowly start and stop trains. The performance is amazing, even trains with many cars or heavy loads.

Train Control Systems (TCS) is now adding the BEMF feature to its line of decoders. TCS BEMF has taken DCC decoders to a new level of performance! TCS BEMF is completely auto adjusting! It uses advanced methods to determine the motor characteristics of each individual motor and adjust the parameters accordingly. You get the optimal performance every time. No need to spend frustrating hours programming CVs trying to get the performance correct. TCS decoders are simply the best decoders available backed by the best warranty in the industry! Stop by your TCS dealer and get started with TCS decoders today.

NOTE: Dither is unchanged, and can still be used, but it is active only when BEMF is disabled. 


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