Keep Alive®
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With Black w/ White Stripe wire and Blue wire for power.

The Keep Alive® (KA) devices are used to supply power to decoders during times of power interruption due to dirty track or problematic track work. The KA3 will power an HO-Scale locomotive with headlights on for approximately 6 to 20 seconds (depending on the locomotive and the effciency of the motor). This KA3 will work with Keep Alive® ready decoders and most non-TCS decoders. TCS decoders manufactured after February 2012 are Keep Alive® ready.

1.02” x .45” x .347” or 25.9mm x 11.43mm x 8.81mm
Scale: HO Scale N Scale
Input Rating
12 to 16V
Keep-Alive Literature

Keep Alive® Decoder Compatibility

The TCS KA’s are designed to operate with the TCS Keep Alive® ready decoders. These decoders include an extra Blue wire and a Black w/ White Stripe wire for connecting the KA to the decoder. Decoders with a “-KA” added to the end of the name require hard-wiring the KA to the wires coming off the decoder. Decoders with a “-KAC” added to their name have a 2-Pin Connector for attaching Keep Alive® with the 2-pin connector (KAx-C).

Not all DCC decoders are Keep Alive® ready. TCS decoders use software to enable and disable KeepAlive, so if your decoder does not support KeepAlive, it may not work. KeepAlive supported code for TCS decoders was implemented fully by November 2012. If the date code in your decoder is before this date, KeepAlive may never enable. CV's 250, 251, and 252 read as the month, day, and year of manufacturing.

If you would like to attach a KeepAlive unit to a non-TCS decoder, you need to connect the wires across the output of the bridge rectifier on the decoder. You will need to consult your decoder manufacturer for a schematic or wiring diagram.

Installation Notes for TCS Decoders

  1. Connect the Keep Alive® wires to the decoder (Make sure you match the wire colors on the KA to same wire color on the decoder.
  2. Program CV 182 to a value of 2.
  3. That’s it! Your locomotive is ready to run over the most treacherous of tracks.

NOTE: If you wire this backwards (blue to black w/white stripe) you will VOID the warranty and destroy this device

One Year Goof Proof Warranty

All decoders are covered by a one year goof proof warranty. Please return in a small box.
You MUST register the failed decoder on our website at tcsdcc.com/warranty
Follow the instructions on the website before returning any decoders to TCS.